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Congrats to this Year's  Logo Winner, Vita L!

Follow the Guidelines and help us create the next great LumaCon Logo!

Guidelines & Tips

Need to know more before you get started? No problem - click here for technical details & FAQs.

Winner coming soon


Logo  Entries

Click here to see all of this year's entries and here to see winners of the past.


What's a Drabble?

A Drabble is a fanfiction or story that is 100 words long. You can write a Drabble about a fandom, a pairing, a character, a genre, or anything you can dream up!


Need a story idea? Try out this cool Prompt Generator from Scholastic!

Some guidelines:

  1. One author per Drabble.

  2. Please try to keep Drabbles as close to 100 words as you can.

  3. Be creative and original! Plagiarized stories will be disqualified.

  4. Entries must be G or PG; no mature content. Remember, LumaCon is a youth event.

  5. Entries must be written in English or Spanish.

  6. Spell check your story!!!

  7. By submitting any entry in this contest, you agree to allow LumaCon (& all future iterations thereof) unrestricted use of your story, without compensation.

  8. Contest for participants 18 and under.

What if I Win?

The winning Drabble may be used in various marketing materials, including the LumaCon website. Winners will receive gift cards to Copperfield's bookstore and other local stores, and will bask in the glory of winning a LumaCon contest! Possible additional prize(s) as determined. 

Contest Closes January 20, 2024


Story Entries

Click here to read all of the winners and submissions from this year and past years!


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