Wait for it...

LumaCon is an incredibly involved, organic process. This is a fancy way of saying that many of the details get sorted out in the months leading up to that epically fantastic Saturday in January. The team doesn't know the schedule, all of the specific activities, contributors, or other details right away. We work tirelessly, heroically battling...things..., to create a LumaCon for you that builds on the successes of the previous years, but which also includes new, exciting activities, artists, etc. 

So, some links will bring you to this page until we have the information you're looking for and then, out of nowhere,                                            





                                                               you'll get a fancy new page full of all the details you really want.



Until then, you can always contact us with any questions or suggestions, and we hope you keep coming back to see what new things we've got in store for you! Or, if you are an adult artist, author, or ware-peddler interested in participating in a panel, having a booth, or display your artwork, click here.

LumaCon is a non-profit educational event created by the librarians at the Petaluma Joint Union High School District and the Sonoma County Library.

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