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LumaCon Readathon


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Calling Superhero Readers of all ages...

The reading challenge is now closed! Pick up your prizes at LumaCon! or the Petaluma Library.

Find suggested titles in the booklists below!

  1. Superheroes must be ready to face their fears... Read a book about something that scares you (Facing your Fears)!

  2. Superheroes have to keep a great deal of secrets... Read a book about people keeping secrets.

  3. Superheroes often have a sidekick who helps them fight crime... Read a book featuring a strong friendship.

  4. Many superhero stories come from famous myths or folklore... Read a book involving myths/folklore or a retelling of a myth/folklore.

  5. Superheroes almost always have some type of super power or ability . . . Read a book about a person with special abilities.

  6. Superheroes often get their powers from some type of science experiment . . . Read a book involving science or technology.

  7.  Superheroes must be brave to fight crime . . . Read a book about someone you think is brave or is being brave in the book.

  8. Superhero stories are often told in graphic form . . . Read a graphic novel, manga, or comic.

  9. Many movies and TV shows are made based on superheroes... Read a book adapted for the movies or TV.

  10. Superheroes come from all different backgrounds . . . Read a book by or about someone from a different background than yourself.

  11. Superheroes often team up to defeat their foes . . . Team up to read a book with a friend!

  12. It wouldn't be LumaCon if we didn't involve the arts . . . Read a book involving art.


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