Logo Contest Guidelines & Tips

Some guidelines:

  1. Multiple entries are allowed.

  2. Collaborative entries are allowed (working as a group is OK, as long as all members are given credit on the entry form).

  3. Be creative and original! We take copyright infringement seriously - don't do it!

  4. Entries must be PG; no mature content. Remember, LumaCon is a youth event.

  5. While not required, we recommend incorporating something representative of Petaluma into your logo.

  6. Your logo should say "LumaCon" and the year "2020."

  7. By submitting any entry in this contest, you agree to allow LumaCon (& all future iterations thereof) unrestricted use of the logo, including modification, without compensation.

Who can enter?

This contest is limited to participants ages 18 and under.

How long do I have?

All entries are due by the end of the day (11:59 PM) on October 19, 2019.

What if I win?

The winning logo will be used on various marketing materials, including the LumaCon banner. The winner will receive $50 & their very own table to sell posters & stickers of their logo at LumaCon! Possible additional prize(s) as determined. 

Technical Requirements

Your logo should:

   -have the highest resolution possible (not to exceed


   -if you are creating a digital logo only, it should be able           to print with a height of 36 inches without losing any               resolution

   -if you are hand-drawing your logo, it should fill up an

     8 1/2" x 11" page at least

   -keep color & contrast in mind; we do not recommend           blues & reds next to or overlapping each other.

LumaCon is a non-profit educational event created by the librarians at the Petaluma Joint Union High School District and the Sonoma County Library.

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