FanFiction & Short Story Contest

Some guidelines:

  1. One entry per contestant (no co-authoring or multiple entries allowed)

  2. Be creative and original! Plagiarized stories will be disqualified.

  3. Entries must be G or PG; no mature content. Remember, LumaCon is a youth event.

  4. Entries must be written in English or Spanish.

  5. Spell check your story!!!

  6. By submitting any entry in this contest, you agree to allow LumaCon (& all future iterations thereof) unrestricted use of your story, without compensation.

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Who can enter?

This contest is limited to participants ages 18 and under. There are two categories: authors 14-18 years and authors 13 years and younger.

How long do I have?

All entries are due by the end of the day (11:59 PM) on January 12 2020.

What if I win?

The winning story may be used in various marketing materials, including the LumaCon website. Winners will receive $25, $10, and $5 gift cards to Copperfield's bookstore and other local stores, and will bask in the glory of standing on the LumaCon stage! Possible additional prize(s) as determined. 

Technical Requirements

Your story:

   -  should be original & creative. It will be judged on the quality of writing, including the plot and story construction.

   - may be fanfiction or traditional short stories.

   - should not exceed 2000 words (this means 2000 words is the maximum!)


Read the winners and submissions!

Closed for 2020!

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