2020 panels & artists

11:00 am-"Dressing Up" for Success

A panel of professional cosplayers share which skills from cosplaying have helped them professionally, and could help in your college or career paths.  Panelists include:  Lauren and Robin Fies, Sandy Serwin, and Barrie Walden Marker.

1:00 pm-Animal Superpowers

Featuring animals such as a Burmese python, hedgehog, leopard gecko, spiders, and more. We will be discussing the cool "superpowers" each uses to survive or thrive in its environment.


Donna Almendrala

Tom Beland
Gio Benedetti
Paige Braddock
Michael Calero
Levi Craig
Taira Creager
Juanita Crooks 
Katherine Elizabeth
Alexis Fajardo
Andrew Farago
Shaenon K. Garrity 
Matt Gaser
Ellis Kim
Maia Kobabe
Crissi Langwell
Emily Martin 
Alberto Melendez
Mary Shyne
Jason Whiton
Clinton Yeager 
Thomas Yeates

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